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November 12, 2019

An August storm microburst hit our property, and one of the casualties was a screened in porch/gazebo with cedar shingles. Singles were torn loose, and a racoon capitalized on the missing roofing to tear a hole in the felt barrier and take refuge from the storm in the dry part of the roof. Local roofing companies were “too busy” with big jobs, so got a referral from Home Advisor or some similar site for Apex Midwest. Eddie responded very quickly, came by to assess the damage within a day of being contacted. He assessed the roof, and repaired several places where it had failed to prevent further leaking and water damage. The shake roof is 20+ years old and due for replacement, so asked for a quote for tear up, convert from breathing cedar to asphalt shingle. Seeing some hail damage on the old gazebo roof, he inspected the main home roof for hail damage, and found some. The damage was not extensive enough for whole house replacement – Eddie’s assessment confirmed, but insurance agency decided to save the costs and “continue to assess the roof going forward” as opposed to doing the right thing for the policy holder, so definitely not Eddie’s fault. I got two other quote opinions from more local roofers, both of which were $300-$600 over Eddie’s estimate (a small job, 14.5′X14.5′ roof), with one of the estimates very obviously high priced to meet the roofing company owner’s minimal threshold to even do the job. Another estimate tore apart the roof (made more holes!) to “assess” the damage and make an estimate, and sloppily tacked on blue tarp as a repair. Eddie did not make it worse, and used matching color metal for a reliable repair. Enough was enough, I contacted Eddie and asked if he’d be willing to do a small job, and of course he was! I told him the other quotes, and that one his competitors, while being $300 higher, did offer free financing (0.0%). Eddie provided information for Ccino, his financing partner, and was also able to match 0.0% for 16 months. Most reasonable bid (we did have one lower, but with not as good materials), financing – the only question was whether the work and materials would be quality. Sure enough, materials and the work crew were highest quality! The crew was quick, did a fantastic job, and clean up was impeccable – they left our deck and gazebo BETTER than they found it (they blew off the entire deck). Eddie as even patient with us regarding shingle color, as we freaked out the night before worried that the color would match our house roof (the original gazebo was cedar shake). Eddie was right about the color and type of shingle all along (weathered wood, as opposed to light grey like we thought it should be), and it matches the house/property perfectly. I cannot recommend Apex Midwest any more strongly – have already referred the company and Eddie to real estate agents and property managers in the area.

Christopher P

Great Service

October 13, 2018

Eddie and I set-up an appointment for 2pm and he was able to come out sooner at noon. He called me and confirmed that would work for me. Ended up needing the flashing around a vent pipe replaced. Eddie and his helper were able to fix it within 30 minutes. Definitely great service and I highly recommend him.

Chuck S. in Belton, MO

Repair an Asphalt Shingle Roof

October 13, 2018

Reasonable price. Willing to work late and on Saturday. They did not try to talk me into total roof replacement like so many others did.

Paula A. in Lake Waukomis,, MO

Samantha M.

October 12, 2018

Discovering a roof leak induces anxiety in any homeowner. So when I discovered mine, I was anxiously looking for answers: how bad is it, how much will it cost, how soon can it be fixed. Eddie called me as soon as I posted my number but didn’t bother to read anything I wrote about my problem. I told him I had to leave for work soon but he said he’d be right by to take a look. With more rain in the forecast, I reluctantly agreed. Eddie showed up 15 minutes before I needed to leave in an unmarked truck and no uniform. He had zero concern for my obligations because he was there to make a quick buck. Service call fees were not discussed so I assumed this was a free estimate to tell me what was wrong. One half hour later, after Eddie knocked loose a recessed light while walking around my attic and his associate put dirty fingerprints all over my ceiling as they played Marco Polo trying to figure out where the leak was, Eddie discovered it wasn’t the roof at all but an old light fixture gathering condensation that created the leak. Or so he said. He showed me a quick picture, told me the charge was $150 for a half hour’s worth of work, and told me he “fixed” my problem by moving the fixture above the insulation so now it can leak onto that and potentially cause mold. Just to complete this unprofessional transaction, let me add there was no receipt because he didn’t really do anything but knock my light loose. For this “wham bam, thank you ma’am” service he acted like he did me a favor and asked me to give him a review. Here’s your review, Eddie. Thanks for nothing. I don’t know what company earned all the 5-star reviews I see on this page, but it was not the one I did business with. Steer clear of Apex Midwest.

Samantha M. in Kansas City, MO

Response from Apex Roofing Midwest LLC

I’m sorry you were so unhappy with my company. You did not seem unhappy at the time. After I got into your attic and literally swam across 75 feet through 3 feet of insulation I found the issue that was not a roof issue but a condensation issue that I did resolve. I charged you for the time I spent covered in blown fiber insulation and for the fuel it took to get there again you seemed ok about it when I fixed your issue. I think the review is completely inaccurate. Thank you for your business.

Great People

October 12, 2018

Great People

Patrick N. in Kansas City, MO


October 7, 2018

I had a roof leak emergency on Sunday during the football game. Eddie was here within the hour and found the source of the leak and game me a ballpark estimate. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Now we have a little time to plan for the repair. Thank you!! I highly recommend him for your next project or repair!

Sean M. in Oak Grove, MO

Great Advise

October 1, 2018

I highly recommend this company, Eddie was great! He resolved my issue and gave me great advice on the current condition of my roof and what I can expect in the future. I will definitely use him again.

Margaret S. in Peculiar, MO


September 21, 2018

This man and wife team is so honest , I think he goes beyond what he is to do , I am so glad I found this one to do my work , I will always call on their team , They are like when you get a good honest mechanic. and fair . That is what this team is . The best of the best

Leo blountt B. in Oak Grove, MO


September 10, 2018

Great guys. Fast and efficient. Great job. Very affordable. Would recommend to anyone

Mark W. in Raytown, MO

Very quick

September 5, 2018

They were awesome. I had a terrible leak around the chimney area and within the hour they arrived and fixed it very quickly. Would definitely recommend Apex roofing and they are now my go to roofing Co.

Kersey S. in Warrensburg, MO