Preparing for Fall/Winter Months

This late summer and early fall has brought a lot of rain. On the good note – hopefully this rain marks the end of our drought! On the bad note – with the heavy amounts of rain also brought roof leaks. Roof leaks are never a good thing as they cause interior issues as well as exterior issues. Inside – leaks often mean drywall & paint issues and more problematic, the increased opportunity for mold. Mold can cause sinus and even worse, respiratory problems. From that little annoying leak – that has been there for weeks or months can come larger issues down the road. And oftentimes, you don’t even realize you have a leak until it becomes noticeable through your drywall or paint.

As we head into the late fall and winter months – it is time to fix those issues. Let Apex ease your mind so theres no drips on your head! Leak location and resolution is my personal specialty. I can do a diligent inspection to ensure that you do not have any hidden leaks with my unique years of experience and knowledge, you can rest assure that your roofing system is solid.

Contact us now before it becomes a bigger and more expensive issue.